Purchasing & Sales

Purchasing & Sales

All of the materials purchased by Euregio are processed fully by us.

The quality of end products at Euregio is so high, that these products can be sold on directly.

Euregio Recycling operates worldwide. This reach is partly facilitated by the logistical means Euregio Recycling has at its disposal.

Materials that have been purchased are delivered by lorry or ship, and materials that have been sold are, likewise, taken away by lorry or ship.

Contact the Sales & Purchasing department?

Wim Gerrits

T: +31 6 83 444 803

Karel Gerrits

T: +31 6 53 14 54 16


Born site (the Netherlands)

Halve Maanweg 4
6121 PB Born

+31 46 481 8720

Zutendaal site (Belgium)

Tiendenstraat 5
3690 Zutendaal, Belgiƫ

+32 896 801 85