• Welcome to Euregio Recycling

  • Welcome to Euregio Recycling

  • Welcome to Euregio Recycling

Shredding and recycling different types of materials

In recent years, Euregio Recycling has developed expertise in recycling various types of materials containing copper, specialising specifically in the complete recycling process for electric motors.


The modern machinery fleet at Euregio Recycling offers extensive possibilities when it comes to purchasing metallic materials. Euregio Recycling even has the capabilities to process many types of materials completely, in other words 100% from start to finish.

The purchasing and sales team of Euregio Recycling is responsible for buying the pre-materials and selling the finished products.

“With over sixty years’ experience in metal recycling, we gladly share the knowledge we have amassed with our customers.”

Receipt of materials

The receiving process begins when material is unloaded at the plant of Euregio Recycling. Photos of the delivered material are immediately taken and forwarded to the customer along with the inspection document.


Born site (the Netherlands)

Halve Maanweg 6
6121 PB Born

+31 46 481 8720

Zutendaal site (Belgium)

Tiendenstraat 5-8
3690 Zutendaal, België

+32 896 801 85